Lake Elsinore, CA


  • beers01

    Fallen Angel Blonde

    Clean, crisp beer, subtle citrus notes and malt characters, dry finish
    5.2 abv 19ibu

  • beers01

    La Artesanal

    Mexican Lager with notes of biscuit, sweet corn, with a clean dry finish
    5.6 abv 38 ibu

  • beers01

    Book of Haze

    Hazy IPA brewed with Mosaic and Citra hops with huge notes of pineapple, orange and mango making it extremely refreshing.
    6.3 abv 32 ibu

  • beers02

    Diviner IPA

    West Coast IPA brewed with Galena, Citra, Eukanot, & Amarillo hops for notes of tropical fruits and pine with a mild bitterness followed by a clean finish.
    7.0 abv 80 ibu

  • beers03

    Raven Stout

    Medium bodied oatmeal stout blended with vanilla for a hint of sweetness.
    7 abv 34 ibu

  • beers01

    Passion Fruit & Lime Hard Seltzer

    Hard Seltzer brewed with all natural passion fruit and lime puree's for a light and refreshing blend of flavors
    4.0 abv 0 ibu


  • beers01

    Ghost of the Valley

    Brut Double IPA brewed with Citra, Lemon Drop, & El Dorado hops
    9.6 abv 68 ibu

  • beers01

    Cali Bloom

    Pale ale brewed with Cascade, Amarillo, & Kazbek hops
    5.4 abv 45 ibu

  • beers02

    13 Year Anniversary

    Lemon Meringue Pastry Ale brewed with lactose, graham cracker, vanilla, & lemon zest
    9.0 abv

  • beers04

    Devil's Double

    Belgian Dubbel with notes of toffee, caramel, & dark fruits
    7.2 abv 28 ibu

Creative Batch-Limited Release

  • beers01

    Strawberry Lemonade Hard Seltzer

    Hard seltzer made with strawberry and lemon
    4 abv 0 ibu

  • beers04

    Blackbeard's Bounty

    Spiced ale aged in spiced rum barrels
    10.5 abv 110 ibu

  • beers01

    Terpene Tingle

    Hazy Double IPA brewed with Super Lemon Haze Terpenes
    9.2 abv 29 ibu


  • Mount Palomar - Rosé

    Syrah Rosé

  • Mount Palomar - Vermentino

    Pomello, green apple, mineral finish

  • Rancho Capistrano Winery - Amorette

    Rosé with a burst of strawberry, lemon, and watermelon.

  • Rancho Capistrano Winery - Duke

    Cabernet Sauvignon with notes of cherry, black currant, & tobacco aromas and flavors.

  • Peltzer - Feeling Cocky

    Red variety blend with Tempranillo, Barbera, & Syrah

  • Peltzer - Chardonnay

    2020 Chardonnay

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