Temecula, CA

  • beers01

    Fallen Angel Blonde

    Clean, crisp beer, subtle citrus notes and malt characters, dry finish
    5.2 abv 19ibu

  • beers01

    Four Headed Hef

    German hefenweizen, unfiltered, clove/banana flavors, clean finish
    5.2 abv 15 ibu

  • beers01

    Apricot Blonde Ale

    Blonde ale brewed with apricot for subtle apricot flavor with a clean/dry finish
    5.2 abv 19 ibu

  • beers01

    Book of Haze

    New England Hazy IPA brewed with Mosaic and Citra hops with huge notes of pineapple, orange and mango making it extremely refreshing.
    6.3 abv 32 ibu

  • beers02

    Warlock IPA

    West Coast IPA, piney/citrus bitterness, light/medium body, brewed with Cascade, Chinook and Equinox hops.
    6.8 abv 73 ibu

  • beers03

    Raven Stout on Nitro

    Full bodied milk and oatmeal stout blended with vanilla for a hint of sweetness.
    7 abv 34 ibu


  • beers04

    Smoking Gun Red Ale

    Red ale brewed with smoked cherry malt for mild smokey and dark fruit flavors.
    5.0 abv 30 ibu

  • beers05

    Hazelnut Brown Ale

    American style brown ale brewed with rolled oats toasted by our friends over at P&Q. This medium bodied brown ale has lightly roasted characters with subtle malt and hazelnut flavors.
    5.12 abv 14 ibu

  • beers01

    Cottar's Wealth

    Clean and refreshing cream ale brewed with vanilla bean for a mild vanilla sweetness on the back end.
    5.3 abv 18 ibu

Creative Batch-Limited Release

  • beers03

    Sir Raven Stout

    Full bodied milk and oatmeal stout blended with vanilla for a hint of sweetness transferred through Jameson oak chips.
    7 abv 34 ibu

  • beers01

    Craft Blood Orange Seltzer

    Hard seltzer water with blood orange.
    3.2 abv 0 ibu

  • beers01

    Ghost of the Valley

    Brut Double IPA brewed with Lemon drop, Citra, & El Dorado hops.
    9.6 abv 68 ibu